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Paul MacNeil and Lenard D. Moore, highly amused

This picture was taken in a shady patch of grass in front of the Boston Conservatory dorms. Paul MacNeil is the less formal guy on the left. Paul is an award-winning haiku poet (see Paul's bio from haijinx). He is an Associate Editor for The Heron's Nest, a highly-respected haiku journal, and he is the Renku Editor of World Haiku Review.

sunrise wind
a sandpiper walks
the waterline

—Paul MacNeil

Since he began writing haiku in 1982, Lenard D. Moore has won numerous awards for his work, including the Haiku Museum of Tokyo Award (1994 and 1983) and a 1992 Harold G. Henderson Award.

summer moon—
the changing rhythms
of a basketball

—Lenard D. Moore

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